PCB Fabrication Preparation

CAM350 automates the PCB CAM engineering department by preparing and optimizing the design files for fabrication. Getting designs quickly through fabrication is a very complex process and effectively managing each operation is the key to moving into high-volume production. With a solution for every operation, CAM350 manages data input and preparation, through analysis, test, mill and drill to final bare-board production.

  • Seek out and repair manufacturability flaws in the design
  • Create NC files quickly and accurately
  • Optimize the drill and mill machine performance
  • Streamline tooling with panelization functionality
  • Extract the essential data to drive test equipment
  • Optimize test machine performance and probing time
  • Identify collisions, break-outs, and un-probable conditions

Flexibel, detailed view

3D visualization and documentation of manufacturing data allows you to minimize manufacturing defects and delays in production. A completely new and streamlined user interface for CAM350/DFMStream has been implemented for continuity among all our products. Improved management and execution of all DFM analysis functions to streamline and improve the processes. Seamlessly share data among all DownStream products with our common database.

We created a truly integrated 2D/3D environment for improved PCB post processing. CAM350 is designed to analyze, verify, and optimize a PCB design for successful fabrication.


Any complication during fabrication will make the job time consuming and labor intensive, decreasing profitability. CAM350 can safeguard against these setbacks.

When using CAM350, the CAM engineer will accurately prepare, optimize and process the design data. CAM350 will perform an in depth analysis of the data to locate manufacturing violations, it will create optimized mill and drill files, prepare test data, and produce panelization strategies, all resulting in an automated, highly effective process.

With the ability to effectively manage each operation while increasing productivity, reducing turn-around time, and ensuring top quality board output, CAM350 is the only solution you need. You can achieve new levels of speed, accuracy, and excellence, the first time around, when it counts the most.

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