Be more predictable with our system solutions


To be more predictable we offer several system solutions for electronic system design. Discover the electrical systems, networks and harnesses, PCB design tools and our Netlist Converter.

  • Electrical Systems, Networks & Harnesses
  • PCB Design
  • Netlist Converter


Complete suite of software tools with advanced automation across a flow extending from electrical/electronic architecture definition, through detailed electrical design and wire harness manufacturing, to documentation & diagnostics.

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Our portfolio enables the digital transformation of electronic systems design. See how it is best positioned to deliver digitally integrated product ideation platforms for the next market-winning products.

  • PADS Professional
  • Xpedition Enterprise
  • HyperLynx

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Netlist Converter

Convert your schematic netlist into a keyin netlist with our Netlist Converter. This application can be used with PADS Professional Layout or Xpedition Layout or other Schematic Entry applications. 

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