Electrical Systems, Networks & Harnesses


Optimize Electrical and Electronic Platform Architectures

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  • Reduced overall design time through rapid iteration and optimization of architectural concepts
  • Intuitive tools increase engineering productivity
  • Drive complex platform designs from multi-domain systems architecture and functional definitions supporting embedded software, networks, electrical and electronics

Capital Define Tools

Capital Define tools help optimize electrical and electronic architectures against targets such as cost, weight, and network bandwidth. As architectural decisions have significant long term product impacts, being able to rapidly design, iterate and optimize as early as possible in the development process leads to significant benefits all through the subsequent stages of bringing complex products to market.

Automotive Trends Create New Challenges for Wiring Harness Development

The rapid introduction of new technologies and the influx of automotive start-ups into the market has led to a multitude of challenges for harness development. OEMs and startups alike must consider the number and sophistication of technology features they integrate into their vehicles as they have a direct effect on harness weight, bundle diameter, and cost. Electrification, autonomous drive and driver assistance, artificial intelligence, and connectivity features all place additional burden on the wiring harness.

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