Xpedition Enterprise

Concurrent Design

Xpedition supports multi-user, multi-site tool, and flow-based concurrent engineering throughout the product development process, dramatically reducing design cycles and improving product quality.

  • Work simultaneously, no need to partition
  • Edits appear dynamically to all read-only users
  • Project Server manages concurrent access
  • Reduce total design time
  • Minimize impact of frequent ECOs

Schematic & Layout concurrency

Multiple engineers can simulatneously design the same schematic, constraints and layout. Edits appear dynamicallt to all concurrent users.

System Design Concurrency

Concurrently define a multi-board system with multiple engineers and start defining individual associated boards while the system definition is still in process.

Concurrent Verification

Virtually prototype a design in-process with concurrent verification of performance and manufacturability. Results are visible within the authoring tool for faster review and design updates.

Concurrent Design

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