Improving Quoting Processes

Improving front-end BOM processing

Actemium’s mission is to help its clients improve their competitive advantage and industrial performance. They were facing capacity problems regarding work preparation and needed a solution that would save them time and resources

The Situation

In order to handle the Quoting Process for their customers, Actemium worked mainly with Microsoft Excel. Every time they received a Bill Of Material (BOM) from one of their customers, they searched manually on their suppliers’ websites for the matching component(s), check the costs, availability etc and add them in an Excel sheet. This process worked fine but they were looking for better ways to handle it. The main reasons for investigating another Quoting Process were:

Outdated data: the stock or price can no longer be current if they need to order it.

Sensitive to errors: due to the manual nature of the process the chances of making mistakes are high.

Time-consuming; Too much time is spent manually reading, formatting, searching, scrubbing, editing, saving and loading BOMs

At the same time, Actemium EMS also invested in a new Pick-and-Place machine and a new storage system: Essegi Storage Solution, to manage all components and materials. This investment was part of a project to optimize and professionalize several processes within Actemium EMS.

The Solution

Due to a direct connection between the Essegi Storage Tower and BOM™ Connector all data is instantaneously available in BOM™ Connector. All information, like pricing, manufactures, actual storage, packing details etc, linked to internal part numbers (IPN) is managed in the database from the Storage Tower.

Making this data available combined with BOM™ Connector's BOM “scrubbing” features, the creation of a quote and/or production-ready “golden” BOM can be done in a fraction of the time normally required for the task.

With BOM™ Connector Actemium can now easily create up to date and competitive quotations for their customers.
For their purchase orders they use SAP ERP which, to a large extent, has been automated with BOM™ Connector. Component purchasing details are uploaded into SAP with a push of a button, nicely exported through a Golden File Format and divided by supplier. The big advantage is that they always have up to date information about price, stock etc. All that is left to do is to send the purchase order towards the supplier out of SAP.

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The Results

Actemium EMS can absolutely see a difference in their daily processes before and after using BOM™ Connector. The cost saving is high and they can process more work now with the same number of employees. The efficiency is higher and the number of errors is lower. And all colleagues have direct insight into the status access of a quotation.

With BOM™ Connector the company can send out quotations to customers within 1-2 days, while previously this could easily take up to 3-4 days.

Discover how Actemium successfully made use of BOM™ connector

“If previously a project took half a day, now with BOM™ Connector the same project takes about 15-30 minutes.”

The past month we faced capacity problems regarding work preparation. Without BOM™ Connector we would have needed to hire additional personal but now this was not necessary. As you can imagine this saved us additional costs.

Stijn Martens Actemium

About Actemium EMS

Actemium’s mission is to help its clients improve their competitive advantage and industrial performance. Actemium is a powerful worldwide network 100% dedicated to industrial process. Comprised of 400 Business Units located in 41 countries across the world.

The brand network is a multi-disciplinary network, able to offer customized multi-technical, multi-site or multi-country services.

Actemium’s 22,000 experts work to deliver a range of safe and sustainable solutions & services across the entire industrial life cycle. In its day-to-day operations, Actemium builds on its powerful networking system expertise in each process in order to provide turnkey solutions.

2019: €2,8 billion revenue // 22.000 employees // 400 business units // 41 countries //

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Bom Connector lets PCB manufacturers work more efficiently

BOM ConnectorTM from CircuitByte lets PCB manufacturers work more efficiently by improving front-end BOM processing and closely tying their ERP system into the flow. EMS companies in particular can achieve great improvements by using BOM Connector to accelerate the quoting and component sourcing processes and make them more accurate

  • Prevent errors in the billing process
  • Save time in the billing process
  • Make sure you are basing your decisions on recent data

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