Improve product quality to reduce time to market

These days, there is a greater importance on getting products to market faster, more efficiently, and with greater quality, especially in industries like aerospace and defense, automotive, life sciences, and high tech—all verticals in which product demands are increasingly becoming more complex and competitive.

Reduce Time to Market

The world is evolving. One constant: addressing these engineering challenges without compromising time-to-market, quality and cost.

Addressing these challenges requires a new approach. Companies must evolve their product engineering practices to meet these new challenges or risk becoming obsolete

Time to Market Challenges

One of the main keys to manage and improve your time to market is to adjust your organization by providing it with a consistent product strategy, the right processes and effective operational tools.

Flexibility, predictable schedules, minimizing recources and product innovation are time to market challenges. Here's where we can help you.


Improving Front-End BOM Processing

Actemium’s mission is to help its clients improve their competitive advantage and industrial performance. They were facing capacity problems regarding work preparation and needed a solution that would save them time and resources.

Name Actemium

Reducing time to market

They needed to optimize geometry for the minimum pressure drop in the air supply channel of wood stove combustion.

Name Sintef Engergi

Meet Design Spec

With Simcenter FLOEFD we can assess multiple designs quickly and effectively in order to meet the design spec.

Name Voxdale BVBA

Powerful Feature-Customer Case PLTC

PLTc makes PCB designs for all kinds of customers which make use of Altium, CADStar, OrCAD, Eagle and KiCAD. When you serve so many different customers, having an open Front-End< >Back-End structure is obviously very important.

Name PLTc

Comparing experimental and computational results

APEX-Research established an experimental setup to validate the simulation results and to calibrate the CFD software for the application of plate-type flow configurations.

Name Apex Research

Protecting and enhancing value

With today’s increased demand for rapid product release, delays between development and launch can be critical. Manual inspection for eg signal and power integrity issues can be complicated, time consuming and expensive.

We encourage you to engage with us. We know the market and know the best way to reduce time to market. 

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