Self-contained, integrated PCB design flow for hardware engineers and small workgroups

PADS Professional

Design, validate, and manufacture complex Printed Circuit Boards with PADS Professional, the cutting-edge solution that delivers Xpedition® technology to engineering professionals who work outside a corporate CAD environment.

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  • Affordable solution for complex PCB and system design
  • Self-contained, integrated design flow in one product
  • Fewer design spins using Virtual Prototyping
  • Including SI, PI, Thermal, DFM and 3D validation
  • Easy to deploy, learn and use by both infrequent and expert users


Get the full power of PADS Professional's end-to-end PCB design solution with integrated design data management, component research and real-time component sourcing for € 2.995 per year.

The new Premium edition contains everything in PADS Professional, and:

  • Self-contained, integrated design flow in one product for hardware engineers or workgroups
  • Fewer design spins with virtual prototyping including Analog/Mixed Signal spice & Signal Integrity simulation, Thermal, DFM and 3D validation
  • Reduced design time through highly integrated capture, constraints, analysis and correct-by-construction layout.
  • Top-down hierarchical approach to placement and planning
  • Logical and physical Variant Management
  • Rigid-Flex and RF design capabilities
  • Native 3D PCB design for placement, routing and MCAD collaboration
  • FPGA I/O optimization to reduce signal length and layer count and eliminate costly re-spins
  • Stunning routing productivity gains with sketch routing
  • Advanced fabrication design including HDI, RF, Flex circuitry and embedded components
  • Cloud-Connected functionality that amplifies desktop productivity, like design data management, BOM management and team sharing, visualization and markup. Component research, and real-time component sourcing knowledge. 

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Why PCB Teams are shifting to PADS Professional Premium

With the PADS Professional Premium edtion PCB designers have access to all the standard PADS Professional PCB design functionality such as schematic design and physical layout, as well as all of the cloud applications in the PADS Professional App Suite.

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PADS Professional: the best of both worlds: based on powerful Xpedition technoloy, in combination with a focus on ease of adoption, ease of learning, ease of use and affordability. PADS Professional directly adddresses your challenges and provides the tools and horsepower to solve them.


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Migrating PCB Design From Altium to PADS Professional

As an engineer or PCB designer using Altium, you know that the challenges in modern electronics product design will continue to evolve in the future. You also know where your current tools could do more. Think about the design challenges you’re faced with today:

  • Can you be sure your products will function as designed without spending a lot of time and money on prototypes and respins?
  • Can you ensure first-pass design success simulation?
  • Can layers of buried commands provide easy access to design-specific tasks?

Only PADS Professional provides hardware engineers and small workgroups with a self-contained, integrated PCB design flow optimized for component selection, signal and power integrity, electronics cooling, form and fit, PCB layout, and manufacturing.

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PADS Professional Cloud Apps

PADS Professional Cloud Apps enables digital transformation by providing a flexible, cloud-based ecosystem that connects component research, concept exploration, component sourcing, design and analysis management and manufacturing.

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7 habits of highly efficient PCB Designers

Design habits that expedite design completion, improve design quality, and enhance productivity are instrumental to highly efficient PCB design.

Every step taken during the printed circuit board (PCB) design process is taken purposefully. PCBs are essentially complex puzzles where the designer takes a specified list of components and a schematic diagram, typically with multiple sets of rules and constraints, then, following industry standards, guidelines, and best practices, places and connects them precisely for fabrication.

This paper describes seven habits that highly efficient PCB designers take as they study, prepare, visualize, strategize, and complete PCB designs.

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PADS Professional for Startup Companies

The PADS Professional for Startups program provides eligible startups with discounted access to a complete solution for PCB design software, including schematic and layout with integrated design data management, component research, and real-time component sourcing knowledge.

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Is your pcb design tool up to speed? A comparison

See how your PCB design tool stacks up with the others in this complimentary paper.

This whitepaper compares the capabilities of PCB design tools to help your team decide which one best fits your needs.

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PADS Professional options

Engineer a Smarter PCB Design Future Faster!

    Why choose PADS Professional?

    Reduce product design cycles, avoid costly design respins, and get products to market faster—it’s all possible with PADS Professional’s advanced PCB design capabilities. If you’re an independent PCB designer or part of a small engineering team looking for a competitive advantage, check out this infographic for 10 reasons why PADS Professional is the best choice for your design needs.

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    Try PADS Professional now

    The full PADS® Professional flow enables you to design, validate, and manufacture PCB-centric systems. PADS Professional utilizes industry-leading Xpedition® technology which is powerful enough to handle the most complex and demanding designs requirements.

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    Integrated verification: a shift-left solution for a more efficient design flow.

    The rapidly increasing complexity of today's designs, combined with schedule pressure to deliver innovative products to market as quickly as possible, strains engineering resources to the limit, often to the point of breaking. As a result, 17% of all projects ge canceled, and another 28% miss their target release date. 

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    10 PCB design tool accelerators that get your products to market faster

    Fast-forward product creation with powerful PCB design features that give you a competitive advantage.

    PADS Professional's advanced PCB design capabilities provide small teams and independent designers and egineers with competitive advantages that will reduce your product design cycles and avoid costly design respins, empowering you to get products to market faster.

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    PADS Professional Layout Browser

    Free download the PADS Professional Layout Browser for view and share of PADS Professional PCB Layout Designs and schematic cross-probe to PADS Designer.

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    Classic To Professional Migration

    Looking for more power and productivity in your design solution? Make the switch to PADS Professional.

    We have an exciting offer for you: For every license of PADS Standard, Standard Plus, or other, older PADS bundle you own, you can get a free license of PADS Professional, only paying the price of support of existing tools.

    Why migrate to PADS Professional?

    Discover how others successfully make use of PADS Professional

    All the tools a designer needs

    "PADS Professional has all the tools a designer needs to ensure a first-time-right PCB, no matter the level of complexity. Advanced Software demands advanced support, InnoFour fulfils this job perfectly."

    Jeroen van der Velden, Hardware Design Engineer at Celestia STS

    Move from PCAD to PADS Professional

    "E.D.&A. moved from PCAD to PADS Professional with technical assistance and guidance from InnoFour. PADS Professional provides us with a distinct set of applications and it helps us to address our custom made products design challenges."

    Patrick Smout, R&D Manager at E.D.&A.


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