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Improving Quoting Process

We help our customers handle their Quoting Process by offering the best in class products and solutions to prevail over the quoting challenges which are faced by the engineers today, such as getting prices from ERP system, distributors by using DistiDirect checks online with distributors such as DigiKey, Farnell, using your company credentials.

I want to improve our quoting process
  • Reduce time in your quoting process
  • Reduce errors in your quoting process
  • Prevent outdated data

Handling your Quoting Process

This process can be very time-consuming because too much time is spent manually reading, formatting, searching, scrubbing, editing, saving and loading BOMs. Secondly, this process is very sensitive to errors due to the manual nature of the process the chances of making mistakes are high. At last, the process can be vulnerable to outdated data. The stock or price can no longer be current if they need to order it.

EMS Quoting Challenges

Varying suppliers, changing prices and uncertain availability are the biggest challenges… and account for most headaches.

A lot of companies send out over a dozen quotes for each order, any reduction in time here makes a huge impact on their bottom line.

Discover how others successfully make use of our products and expertise

Improving Front-End BOM Processing

Actemium’s mission is to help its clients improve their competitive advantage and industrial performance. They were facing capacity problems regarding work preparation and needed a solution that would save them time and resources.

Name Actemium

Reducing time to market

They needed to optimize geometry for the minimum pressure drop in the air supply channel of wood stove combustion.

Name Sintef Engergi

Meet Design Spec

With Simcenter FLOEFD we can assess multiple designs quickly and effectively in order to meet the design spec.

Name Voxdale BVBA

Powerful Feature-Customer Case PLTC

PLTc makes PCB designs for all kinds of customers which make use of Altium, CADStar, OrCAD, Eagle and KiCAD. When you serve so many different customers, having an open Front-End< >Back-End structure is obviously very important.

Name PLTc

Comparing experimental and computational results

APEX-Research established an experimental setup to validate the simulation results and to calibrate the CFD software for the application of plate-type flow configurations.

Name Apex Research

The Power of Automation

Terma develops and manufactures mission-critical products and solutions that help to keep people safe, both in peaceful times and in times of conflict. They needed a tool to streamline and accelerate first-time-right, error-free electrical design.

Name Terma

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