Netlist Converter

The Netlist Converter is an application that can be used in combination with PADS Professional Layout or Xpedition Layout. It allows you to use other Schematic Entry applications than PADS Professional Designer or Xpedition Designer. 

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  • PCB Service Bureaus can use either Xpedition or PADS Professional for designing the PCB, regardless which solution their customer is using. There is no need to maintain multiple ECAD libraries
  • Flexible and Reuse mappings between your source Parts and equivalent Parts managed in your PADS Pro or Xpedition Central Library
  • Adjust Refdes and Pin Mappings where needed to correct netlist issues

Fact Sheet

Convert your schematic netlist into a KeyIn netlist for PADS Professional or Xpedition Layout. The Netlist Converter contains basic netlist checks to prevent packaging errors early in the process. 

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  • Easy map an external Part Number with your Central Library (CL) Part Number.
  • No addition component creation required when having an equivalent Part in your CL.
  • Overwrite Part Numbers for a specific RefDes. Allowing you to generate a detailed BOM out of PADS Professional or Xpedition Layout.
  • Overwrite/Map netlist Pin names to Cell Pin numbers or vice versa, e.g. map a transistor containing B,C,E to a Cell having Pin Number 1,2,3.
  • When the netlist contains Net Class information, you can review changes, enabling you to adjust CES accordingly.
  • Save mapping information, which allows you to reuse previous created mappings on a customer-by-customer basis.

Prevent packaging errors early in the process

  • The Netlist Converter checks if double Pin_ID's (< RefDes>_< Pin Number) are used. This prevents the use of two different net names and creating a short.
  • Upon a netlist reload, it will be checked if RefDes and Pin_IDs are still being used in existing mapping information.
  • With basic netlist checks

Netlist Converter

PADS Logic interface with PADS Professional Layout

Netlist Converter Configuration

Configurating the Netlist Converter allows you to check if the source netlist file has been updated. And with the Auto Load feature, you easily load the new foreign netlist and reuse previously created mapping details with just two mouse clicks.

Netlist Converter Configuration

Acces to Library Part information

  • One-click to access Swap and Cell Pin details for the Selected Part.
  • Direct access to PDB data without opening the Central Library Manager.

Netlist Converter Pin Mapping Information


You can use the Netlist Converter and our PADS Professional or Xpedition Layout solution with the systems below. Are you looking for a new netlist format? Don't hesitate to contact us.

  • PADS Logic
  • Calay
  • Eagle
  • KiCad
  • UltiCap
  • CADSTAR Rinf
  • Altium
  • New netlist format? (Upon request)

PADS Logic

show me how the netlist converter works

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