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PADS Professional Premium

Get the full power of PADS Professional's end-to-end PCB design solution with integrated design data management, component research and real-time component sourcing for € 2.995 per year.


PADS Professional Premium empowers engineers, unites teams and unlocks innovation. 

This PCB design platform is equipped with advanced board design and analysis technologies, cloud-based collaboration, part research and creation, and real-time supply-chain insights, providing a complete solution for all your PCB design needs.


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  • Industry proven technology
  • Cloud connected
  • Advanced PCB design

PADS Professional Premium

Get the full power of PADS Professional's end-to-end PCB design solution with integrated design data management, component research and real-time component sourcing for € 2.995 per year.

It contains everything in PADS Professional, and:

  • Self-contained, integrated design flow in one product for hardware engineers or workgroups
  • Fewer design spins with virtual prototyping including Analog/Mixed Signal spice & Signal Integrity simulation, Thermal, DFM and 3D validation
  • Reduced design time through highly integrated capture, constraints, analysis and correct-by-construction layout.
  • Top-down hierarchical approach to placement and planning
  • Logical and physical Variant Management
  • Rigid-Flex and RF design capabilities
  • Native 3D PCB design for placement, routing and MCAD collaboration
  • FPGA I/O optimization to reduce signal length and layer count and eliminate costly re-spins
  • Stunning routing productivity gains with sketch routing
  • Advanced fabrication design including HDI, RF, Flex circuitry and embedded components
  • Cloud-Connected functionality that amplifies desktop productivity, like design data management, BOM management and team sharing, visualization and markup. Component research, and real-time component sourcing knowledge. 

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PADS Professional Premium DFM

PADS Professional Premium DFM is a new solution that brings world-class, comprehensive Design for Manufacture (DFM) analysis directly into your PADS Professional Premium environment.

PADS Professional Premium DFM: harnessing DFM for a better and faster NPI

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The PADS Professional Premium ecosystem

Take your electronic designs from prototype to production in one environment. You will have access to PCB design functionality, cloud collaboration and version management, part selection, library creation, component sourcing data and even more tools that enable a complete PCB design flow.

PCB design and analysis

PADS Professional Premium delivers everything you need to design your simplest to most complex PCB designs. Full function, yet easy to use, with features and technologies like:

  • Routing automation
  • Rigid-flex
  • RF design
  • Analog/mixed-signal simulation
  • Signal Integrity analysis

Supply chain resilience

When creating a schematic, PCB engineers have access to real-time component sourcing data, empowering them to make more informed decisions about their selected components when the cost of making changes is lowest.

Powered by Siemens SupplyFrame and connected to more than 80 suppliers worldwide, you have access to component information, including:

  • Pricing
  • Compliance
  • Availability
  • Lifecycle data

Cloud-enabled collaboration

With PADS Professional Premium you can store and access PCB design assets in a secure cloud workspace through any web browser, anywhere with:

  • Built-in versioning
  • Project-history summaries
  • Check-in comments

Sharing design and BOM data with all project stakeholders and cross-functional team members is effortless and made secure with role-based team management.

Part research and creation

Search for components from an ever-expanding catalog of billions of parts. Easy find the:

  • Symbol
  • IPC compliant footprint
  • 3D model

If the required symbol or footprint for a part is not found, you can use the Part Creation Service to easily request that this library information be created, or you can create custom library elements using either of two wizard-based apps that provide part builder templates for symbols and a guided IPC compliant footprint builder.


With PADS Professional Premium both the PCB and the mechanical engineer stay in sync, leveraging best-in-class ProSTEP file exchange format (IDX), making collaboration convenient, accurate and effective.

This can be done while both PCB and MCAD designers are working in their own environments. Experience native integration with Siemens NX and SolidEdge or collaborate with some of the other most popular MCAD design tools such as:

  • SolidWorks
  • Catia
  • Creo

PCB manufacturing

Integrated DFM analysis in PADS Professional Premium allows you to identify and correct potential PCB fabrication and assembly issues in the design database before they hit the production floor, eliminating costly manufacturing delays while ensuring the electrical performance of the final product.

PADS Professional Premium Design for Manufacturing allows you to create and optimize assembly panels, regardless of PCB shape, including:

  • Adding fiducials
  • Tooling holes
  • Breakaway tabs
  • V-score features

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Free on-demand learning

A complete portfolio of learning paths for schematic design, constraint definition, PCB layout, and library creation and management.

  • Included with a PADS Professional Premium subscription
  • Access to cloud-based environment for hands-on lab exercises
  • Access to new training content added during the subscription period
  • Knowledg assessments to measure learning progress

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