CAE Simulation & Test

Simcenter CAE Simulation & Test

Accelerating innovation with Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Thermal Characterization.


  • Simcenter FLOEFD
  • Simcenter Flotherm
  • Simcenter Flomaster

Simcenter FLOEFD

Simcenter FLOEFD software puts the power of CFD simulation in your hands. Use it directly in NX, Creo, CATIA V5 or Solid Edge in order to explore the full potential of your ideas quickly, without disrupting your design process. Understand the impact of changes in the geometry or boundary conditions on the results effortlessly, conduct fast and frequent what-if analysis, and generate insightful reports inside your preferred CAD platform. Built on a foundation of intelligent, fast and accurate technology, Simcenter FLOEFD can help reduce the overall simulation time by as much as 75% and enhance productivity by up to 40x.

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CAE simulation test - Simcenter FLOEFD

Simcenter Flotherm

Develop reliable electronics faster with thermal analysis.

Simcenter Flotherm is the leading electronics cooling simulation software for accurate, fast thermal analysis and supports the development of a thermal digital twin. It provides pre-CAD concept design space exploration, increasing analysis fidelity during development by incorporating ECAD and MCAD data, to final design verification.

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Thermal Design - Simcenter Flotherm

Simcenter Flomaster

Simcenter Flomaster offers fast and accurate simulation of liquid, gas and two-phase systems; facilitating upfront engineering to reduce lead times and optimize capital and operational expenditures.

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Simcenter Flomaster simulation testing - InnoFour

Issue 7

Welcome to the latest edition of Engineer Innovation. In this issue:

  • Riding the Digital Wave
  • 10 Secrets to a stunningly fun CFD simulation
  • Adopt a people-centric approach to electric vehicle sound engineering
  • Digital viruses and digital vaccines
  • How end-of-line testing can automate product fault detection
  • Flying high at the America's Cup
  • The Vendée Globe with a digital twist
  • How data collection will save your life
  • Why your AI strategy needs more than data
  • The next generation aircraft
  • The new science of digital materials
  • B&B-AGEMA meets future energy needs
  • The fatigue challenge of additive manufacturing
  • Interview: Jean-Claude Ercolanelli
  • Blog all about it
  • Geek hub
  • Brownian Motion

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Frontloading CFD

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) refers to the numerical method of simulating steady and unsteady fluid motion using computational methods and hardware.

CFD simulation is a well-established methodology often used to replace or supplement experimental and analytical methods to aid the engineering design and analysis of everyday products.

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