Dive innovation with systems simulation

We help our customers face today's challenges like lower development costs, faster time-to-market, reduced operational risk and compliance by providing them with innovative and better-performing products so their productivity can be increased by up to 40x.

Address industry challenges

  • Fulfill requirements
  • Frontload design decisions
  • Validate performance earlier
  • Design complex systems faster

The Benefits of Frontloading Simulation

Frontloading simulation benefits from a lot of intelligent automation. It is wizard driven and can rapidly mesh complex geometries to help the designer evaluate their design quickly. In addition, interface local language support makes it easy to adopt.

By frontloading CFD, then the simulation bottleneck can be quickly alleviated and productivity can be increased by up to 40x.

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What is CFD Simulation?

There are three main methods of predicting the behavior of fluids and their interaction with the surrounding environment – experimental, analytical, and numerical. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) refers to the numerical method of simulating steady and unsteady fluid motion using computational methods and hardware.

CFD simulation is a well-established methodology often used to replace or supplement experimental and analytical methods to aid the engineering design and analysis of everyday products.

CFD Simulation Glossary
CFD Simulation Glossary

Discover how others successfully make use of our products and expertise

Improving Front-End BOM Processing

Actemium’s mission is to help its clients improve their competitive advantage and industrial performance. They were facing capacity problems regarding work preparation and needed a solution that would save them time and resources.

Name Actemium

Reducing time to market

They needed to optimize geometry for the minimum pressure drop in the air supply channel of wood stove combustion.

Name Sintef Engergi

Meet Design Spec

With Simcenter FLOEFD we can assess multiple designs quickly and effectively in order to meet the design spec.

Name Voxdale BVBA

Powerful Feature-Customer Case PLTC

PLTc makes PCB designs for all kinds of customers which make use of Altium, CADStar, OrCAD, Eagle and KiCAD. When you serve so many different customers, having an open Front-End< >Back-End structure is obviously very important.

Name PLTc

Comparing experimental and computational results

APEX-Research established an experimental setup to validate the simulation results and to calibrate the CFD software for the application of plate-type flow configurations.

Name Apex Research

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