Functional Verification 

Our verification solution continues to evolve in response to the growing complexity of SoC designs. Besides the sheer size of designs, the inclusion of multiple embedded processors and advanced interconnect systems, increasing software content and the configurability required by multi-platform based designs require a functional verification solution that unifies a broad arsenal of verification solutions.

  • High-performance multi-language simulator
  • Formal-based apps and formal verification
  • HW/SW co-verification
  • UVM methodology


ModelSim packs an unprecedented level of verification capabilities in a cost-effective HDL simulation solution.

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Questa® Verification Solution

The Questa® Verification Solution transforms verification, dramatically increasing verification productivity and managing resources more efficiently built on several powerful technologies and tightly integrated with Veloce® emulation Questa answers the challenges of increasingly complex SoCs.

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Veloce Prototyping - FPGA

Veloce Prototyping represent the industry's most powerful and versatile approach to FPGA prototyping. 

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