Simcenter FLOEFD predicts transition to turbulence in flat plate channel flow

Comparing experimental and computational results

The combination of CFD simulations and laboratory measurements is essential for the successful development of cutting-edge equipment. This case describes how APEX-Research used data from laboratory measurement to validate and calibrate the results of Simcenter FLOEFD.

Comparing experimental and computational results

APEX-Research established an experimental setup to validate the simulation results and to calibrate the CFD software for the application of plate-type flow configurations. 

The Simcenter FLOEFD results were compared with the eperimental date. One of the main findings was the importance of the correct boundary condtion definition. 

Frontloading CFD Simulation

The simulation results are confirmed by the measurement results, using state-of-the-art measurement technology such as laser doppler anemometry, particle image velocimetri (IPV) and static pressure measurements. 

As a result of the confidence achieved by the calibration of simulation with experimental data, numerous configurations can be simulated. With Simcenter FLOEFD many differnt geometris can be investigated according to specific project specifications, such as heat transfer output, pressure drop limitations and space requirements. The optimized configuration can be designed for production with the collaboration of simulation and experimental measurements. 

More challenges

FloEFD is the only fully CAD-embedded CFD software on the market FloEFD helps design engineers conduct up-front, concurrent CFD analysis using the familiar MCAD interface. This reduces design times by orders of magnitude when compared to traditional methods and products. Concurrent CFD can reduce simulation time by as much as 65 to 75 percent over traditional CFD tools. It allows optimization of product performance and reliability while also reducing physical prototyping and development costs, without time or material penalties.

Simcenter FLOEFD was used for

APEX Research B.V. established an experimental set-up to validate Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) results and to calibrate the CFD software for the application of plate type flow configurations. This allows the reliable prediction of flow field characteristics like pressure drop or flow uniformity in our plate type heat exchangers with our calibrated CFD Software.

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"I appreciate the straightforward and fast simulations with Simcenter FLOEFD"

“We at APEX-Research successfully used Simcenter FLOEFD for many years and now we have increased confidence in its results through our own modeling experiment".

Dr.-Ing. Jens Kitzhofer APEX-Research B.V.

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