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Our mission is to provide tools, technology and methodologies in the area of Electronic & Mechanical design, with the goal to innovate, shorten the development cycle and to be more predictable. In our portfolio we offer best in class products and solutions to prevail over the design challenges which are faced by the engineers today, such as reduce time to market, increase productivity and produce more competitive products.

InnoFour 15th anniversary

15 years ago, on June 12, 2008, Peter Bakker, Jaap Schuurman, Rick Stroot and Bas Hassink founded InnoFour. They already knew each other through Mentor Graphics, and in 2008 they got the opportunity to start together their own company as a partner of Mentor Graphics in the Benelux. By working hard together in the first years, in 2010 they were given the opportunity to expand their company to Scandinavia.

How do the four friends look back on this? They tell that in this interview.

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InnoFour is a young, dynamic and innovative company offering software solutions in the area of Electronic & Mechanical design in the Benelux and Scandinavia. This is done by providing technical sales, consultancy and training. Our customers are all companies involved in electronic design from PCB-, FPGA- to ASIC-design.

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