Jumpstart your business

Our Jumpstart package is intended for new customers to make sure that the design engineers are up and running as quickly as possible. The jumpstart is a combination of consulting services and dedicated training with the goal to deliver a productive toolenvironment together with trained engineers.

Help me jumpstart my business
  • Dramatic improvements in a short period of time
  • A road map to help your organization meet your management needs
  • Knowledge transfer and best practices so that you can further optimize features on your own

Faster implementations, Proven results

With a predefined statement of work, the JumpStart program helps organizations succesfully introducing new design processes, making use of modern technologies.

Typical deliverables are:

  • Requirements gathering / scoping the work resulting in a Statement of Work document
  • Specification documented in a Statement of Work
  • Project Management
  • Application customization including user setup, workflow processes, communication templates, custom reports
  • Importing (Legacy) Data from predefined Word documents, Excel spreadsheets or Databases
  • End-user training or 'Train the Trainer' 

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