PADS Professional

Rigid-Flex PCB Design

PADS Professional provides correct-by-construction design technology that simplifies the creation process of rigid-flex circuits, allowing you to focus on optimized form factor and quality. Advanced technology enables superior stackups, definition of bend areas with associated constraints, and accurate output for manufacturing. Intelligent recognition of flex design elements lets you make changes at any point to optimize the rigid-flex system, helping you achieve smaller, cheaper, more reliable products.

  • Simplifies the process of creating rigid-flex circuits
  • Advanced stack-up technology
  • 3D bending and 3D DRC
  • SI topology validation
  • Flex-aware handoff to manufacturing

Why Rigid-Flex?

Rigid-flex design enables electronic technology companies to create complex products that are smaller, cheaper and more reliable. IoT is a key driver increasing the demand for rigid-flex design.

From flex/rigid-flex operations that understand unique structures, constraints, plane management, materials, and stack-ups, PADS Professional has the features to support flex/rigid-flex design.

Rigid-flex the preferred technology

From stack-up definition through to manufacturing hand-off, creating complex rigid-flex products that are smaller, cheaper and more reliable is a must. Correct-by-construction design technology simplifies the creation process of rigid-flex circuits and allows you to focus on optimized form factors, quality and avoid costly design respins.

Request this unique infographic book, learn how rigid-flex circuits is becoming the preferred interconnection technology for electronic products.

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