PADS Professional

Routing Automation

Relying on traditional pcb routing techniques can delay projects... There are new and powerful multi-trace high-speed routing and tuning capabilities that dramatically reduce design time when routing high-speed designs.


  • Auto Fanout of Vias.
  • Interactive Single and Multi-Trace Routing.
  • Dynamic Planes.
  • Auto creation of Differential Pairs.
  • Design Rule Reuse.
  • Interactive Tuning for Length matching.
  • Via Stitching.
  • Sketch Routing.

Get More Done Fast!

Reduce Design Time Using Routing Automation. Routing automation reduces PCB layout up to 80%. With electronics design becoming more complex, automation a major competitive advantage for both experienced designers and engineers who “do-it-all”.

Accelerating Time-to-Results with Routing Automation

PADS Professional deliveres unique technologies that combine ease-of-use with highly automated PCB routing functionality resulting in high quality and accelerated time-to-results, even for complex PCB designs.

Integrated 2D/3D Editing Environment

Reduce design schedules without learning a new tool, using the same selection, planning and placement functionality.

Auto-Assisted Interacive Sketch Routing Technology

Sketch routing provides a set of highly integrated automated routing features including the Sketch Router™, Real Trace Routing, and Dynamove. These tools facilitate an automated rouing experience that includes intuitive user control, high quality, and exceptional performance. 

Address Your Most Critical PCB Design Challenges

Provides all the tools designers need to handle complex design challenges including differential pair routing, net tuning, manufacturing optimization, flex circuits, embedded and actives, RF circuits, and microvia technology.

PCB Routing Acceleration

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