DFM analysis Goal = First pass PCB design fabrication success!

Perfecting Your PCB with DFM Analysis

Today's PCB designs can have thousands of components and connections, as such it is next to impossible to find all the possible issues with a naked eye.

  • No 3rd party tool is necessary to run manufacturing checks
  • Assurance that design data is accurate when sending out for fabrication
  • Review results and fix issues immediately with seamless integration and synchronisation

Integrated DFM Analysis

Design analysis isn't a feature it is a fundamental requirement of product success.

From a glance, a PCB can look perfectly fine, but once sent out for fabrication a variety of issues may be discovered. Avoiding the endless cycle of fixing and checking can become incredibly tedious and will cost a lot over time in lost production.

The good news is: THERE IS A BETTER WAY!

That is: Integrated DFM Analysis.

Perfecting your PCB with DFM

From layout to manufacture and testing, a single fabrication holdup can cost a business untold amounts in lost productivity. 

Want to learn more, request our Perfecting your PCB with DFM whitepaper.

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