PADS Professional

Signal Integrity Analysis

A crucial first step of PCB design is simulation and virtual prototyping. The need to minimize re-spins and develop higher quality products at faster rates has caused many companies to turn to virtual prototyping and simulation.

  • Perform design exploration and "What-If analysis" of board characteristics
  • Terminator Wizard recommend optimal termination strategies.
  • Perform signal integrity (SI) analysis
  • Perform electromagnetic (EMI) analysis.
  • Perform Thermal analysis.

Pre-Route Analysis

This short video highlights how to utilize HyperLynx LineSim to discover and fix signal integrity issues as demonstrated in Shivani Joshi's unique webinar presentation, "Your PCB Designs Need SI Analysis & You Don’t Need to be an Expert!"

Post-Route Verification

This short video highlights how to utilize HyperLynx BoardSim to discover and fix signal integrity issues. Including running the general batch wizard, including crosstalk analysis.

Fast, rules-based electrical design verification

HyperLynx DRC provides fast, automated electrical design rule checking and supports iterative design inspection, nicely integrated with PADS Professional. Designers can run complex checks for problems that are not easily simulated, such as traces crossing splits, signal return path issues, and compliance with electrical safety requirements. 

Signal Integrity analysis: Essential for modern electronic product design

Analyzing signal integrity issues early in the desgin cycle ensures design performance and eliminates costly re-spins.

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SI Analysis: Essential for Modern Electronic Products

Request the paper that highlights how signal integrity analysis detects and resolves potential signal degradation issues and allows exploration of alternative scenarios before moving onto prototyping.

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