Technology PADS Classic users have been asking for

Why migrate to PADS Professional?

What are the advantages of migrating to PADS Professional?

Yes, I want to migrate to PADS Professional
  • Best-in-class routing automation, ECAD/MCAD collaboration, and integrated signal integrity analysis
  • Includes: Integrated FPGA-PCB I/O Design, Rigid-Flex PCB Design, RF Design, Analog/Mixed-Signal Simulation, Signal Integrity Analysis, Design for Manufacturing
  • An ever-expanding ecosystem including cloud-based collaboration and data management, supply chain integration, and on-demand symbol and part creation

Classic to Professional Migration

For every license of PADS Classic you own, get a license of PADS Professional!


We want to help more of our customers make the move to PADS Professional. For every license of PADS Standard, Standard Plus, or other, older PADS bundle you own, you can get a license of PADS Professional, only paying the price of support of existing tools.

In PADS Professional you will find features and tools that have long been demanded for in PADS Standard/PADS Layout. The short videos below are special made for PADS Standard/PADS Layout users and are a general introduction to what more you get in PADS Professional. Check them out and see for yourself why you should upgrade to PADS Professional.

  • You can upgrade to PADS Professional for the price of support of existing tools
  • You will keep access to your current license(s) 
  • You can migrate old designs and libraries to PADS Professional if you wish
  • You will receive a free 12 months term PADS Pro Technology Bnd (extended with every support renewal), including:
    • Rigid Flex Design
    • Multi-Trace High Speed (HSD) Routing
  • Access to the PADS Professional OnDemand Training

Migration Program

In this video, you will learn about the advanced technologies from schematic design, to layout, to manufacturing, cloud-based collaboration, supply chain integration, PartQuest Portal, and beyond that will both save you design time and ensure first-pass PCB design success. 5:30

Migration Technology

This video will give you a quick overview of some of the unique technologies available in PADS Professional that will accelerate your PCB design flow. From Connect, the new cloud-connected collaboration hub that brings you and your stakeholders together to design-centric capabilities for RF, Rigid-flex, routing automation and beyond you’ll discover how PADS Professional can tackle today’s and tomorrows challenges in electronics design. 6:47

Migration Existing PADS Classic Library & Project Data

The biggest question companies ask themselves when moving to a new design tool flow is “Should I translate my symbol and component libraries?” To assist you with the library translation decision, we’ve compiled a set of questions to guide you through the decision-making process. 2:25

Technology PADS Classic users have been asking for

  • Unified environment (merge Layout and Router)
    • Copper splits/pours in Router
    • Dynamic copper pour
    • Bus routing in Router
  • Area Rules
  • Advanced HDI (Stacked Via's and more)
  • More advanced and time-based constraints (with Multi-trace HSD)
  • Differential Pair routing (push/pull, curved traces and more)
  • Design Reuse (more functionality, push/reorder layers)
  • Rooms/Hierarchical placement
  • Pad entry rules – able to detect blind/buried vias per part
  • Embedded component support
  • Powerful teardrop functionality (dynamically updated)
  • Rigid-flex
  • RF 
  • Integration with IO Optimizer
  • 64 bit support
  • Panelization
  • Data management (with Connect for PADS)
  • Advanced manufacturing prep
  • Support for single pin nets
  • Ecosystem
    • Connect for PADS Pro
    • Supply chain integration
    • Greater PQ functionality
    • PCBFlow (DFM Check in the Cloud) 

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