23 August 2023


A Deep Dive into the Many Facets of Editor Control - Part 3




This is the final session detailing the Editor Control functions. For those that are new to PADS Professional Layout, there are a lot of controls packed into the tabs, section windows and sub-dialogs within the Editor Control. This Webcast will continue to navigate through many of these sections to give a better understanding of all the functionality that is contained in the Editor Control.


What You Will Learn:


  • Angles, Corners
    • Curve trace routing
    • Allow 45 degree corners
  • Vias and Fanouts
    • Auto trim through vias
    • Allow one more via per SMD pin
    • Use place outlines as via obstructs
    • Enable fanout of single pin nets
    • Max pins/plane fanout via
    • Max trace length on restricted layers
  • Net Rules On/Off
    • Stub lengths
    • Layer restrictions
    • Via Restrictions
    • Max lengths
  • Part Grids
    • Primary and Secondary grids
    • Primary grid criteria
    • Part grid snap
  • Route Grids
    • Route and Via grids
  • Other Grids
    • Drawing grid
    • Jumper grid
    • Test point grid

Who Should Attend:

  • Layout Designers





Customer Technical Webcast: A Deep Dive into the Many Facets of Editor Control - Part 3



Wednesday August 23, 2023




18:00 CET