04 May 2018

Agile Requirements Management with Polarion

Live Webinar


In recent years software development has been revolutionized – agile practices are now mainstream. However, organizations still face problems when managing requirements in their agile processes. Regulatory compliance is driving the need for greater documentation of requirements than the “pure agile manifesto” provides. Organizations cannot expect their engineering teams to release better software faster and meet today’s high demands using point solutions for requirements management. Polarion ALM addresses these concerns by extending agile development practices into the early design phases of the product and software development life cycle (SDLC).


As project complexities and scope increase over time and project delivery times shorten, engineers are faced with delivering better software faster, collaborating with team members across functional boundaries, and ensuring compliance throughout their SDLC. Implementing a unified ALM solution is vital to meet the challenges of today’s accelerated world, you need a unified approach to Requirements Management that is easy to use and provides everyone with the collaboration & traceability they need.


Learn how Polarion ALM can leverage your existing data in a Web platform and modernize your Agile Requirements Management application.


Who should attend this Webinar:

  • Engineers - involved with product development design, quality, risk, and resource scheduling.
  • Traditional RM users - needing to maintain their current system, but also needing to expand and implement requirements management across their department or enterprise.
  • Developers - needing to connect or coexist with traditional RM tool for change management, defect/issue management, test management, or traceability.
  • Managers - seeking to improve efficiencies, collaboration, and reduce costs without upsetting legacy methods, processes, or development cycles.





Live webinar: Agile Requirements Management with Polarion



Wednesday the 16th of May 2018






12:00 PM CEST