23 January 2018

An Introduction to MotorSolve: Rapid Electric Motor Design

On Line Web Seminar



The conventional approach to electric motor design is either classical or FEA. Classical methods (analytical and equivalent circuit) are fast and the least accurate, while FEA has the highest fidelity, but is slow. MotorSolve combines the synergies of both these approaches: it is fast and accurate enough for rapid electric motor design exploration.


During this web seminar, the different approaches of electric motor design and the types of motors that can be analysed in MotorSolve will be presented. An electric power steering motor will be designed from scratch to illustrate how MotorSolve can be used to explore the design space in order to meet performance requirements: e.g. torque-speed curve, cogging torque, efficiency and more.  

The demonstration will also introduce the MotorSolve workflow, which will include the user-interface, model set-up, winding design and motor analysis.


What You Will Learn

  • Learn about rapid electric motor design
  • Starting from scratch: a power steering motor demonstration
  • Evaluate potential design changes such as different rotor configurations and materials
  • Analyze motor performance: torque/speed curve, cogging torque and efficiency


Who Should Attend

  • Motor Designers
  • Design Engineers
  • Automotive Engineers/Managers
  • Project Engineers




Thursday the 22nd of February 2018






12:00 PM - 12:45 PM