21 July 2017

Analog Mixed Signal Design in the PADS Product Creation Platform Webinar


PADS AMS Design Suite, part of the PADS product creation platform, enables PCB design engineers to produce designs with analog/mixed signals faster and easier while ensuring design intent performance, and reliability in a complete design capture solution and simulation / analysis environment.

The PADS AMS Design Suite solves the challenges associated with mixed-signal and mixed-technology circuits — behavioral verification, scenario and component optimization – with a simulation and analysis environment that seamlessly and accurately represents both its electronic and mechanical elements in a single-vendor solution.


What You Will Learn

  • How to ensure intent, performance, and reliability of analog/mixed-signal (AMS) circuits
  • Using a single environment and flow to help produce electronic product designs faster and easier
  • The power and flexibility of combined VHDL-AMS and comprehensive SPICE simulation
  • Using functions such as Monte Carlo and Sensitivity Analysis for faster design
  • How to access Mentor Graphics’ complementary PADS AMS Cloud simulator


Who Should Attend

  • Engineers designing PCB circuits/schematics
  • Engineers who have wasted time and effort redrawing AMS circuits
  • Anyone that needs to create, simulate, and validate mixed-signal and mixed-technology PC circuits
  • Anyone that is interested in validating circuits for worst case, reliability, and optimization.




Analog Mixed Signal Design in the PADS Product Creation Platform Webinar



Wednesday August 2, 2017






4:00 PM - 5:00 PM CEST