12 December 2022

Secure & Protect your Products from Design to End-Of-Life



Join us at this lunch seminar, brought to you by InnoFour, a Siemens Expert Partner, in collaboration with Siemens Digital Industries Software, Monday December 12, 2022.


Each software component added during development, requires a software vulnerability analysis and introduces new levels of security risks. Multiply that by the number of vehicle models and configurations released to the market with increasingly aggressive time-to-market demands, and you're left with uncontrollable chaos.


Also, as software maintenance and service updates are performed continuously, sometimes Over the Air (OTA), throughout the life of the vehicle, you need to control of the cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities of your software, as well as remain compliant to regulations (i.e. UNR155) until end-of-life. 


It's time we enable product security teams to safeguard product in the face of constant change. 


What you will learn:


First of all, this is an opportunity for you to get inspired and bring back to your organization what you thought was valuable. Our distinguished experts will explain to you:

  • Why it becomes essential to manage your software development and Cybersecurity in a lifecycle solution
  • How to ensure and minimize efforts to manage risks (TARA) and stay compliant to Cybersecurity regulations
  • How to automate and ensure software vulnerability analyses throughout the product lifespan (even after vehicle is delivered)
  • How to establish and maintain a Software BOM for each software component throughout its lifecycle
  • Discussion: What DevSecOps means for Automotive OEMs and Tier1:s?

We will of course reserve a timeslot for Q&A in the end, and you can always talk to our experts after the event.





Live Event: Automotive Industry Cybersecurity Lunch Event 2022



Monday, December 12, 2022



Siemens Industry Software AB
Östergårdsgatan 2
431 53 Mölndal - Gothenburg



11:30 - 14:15 hr CET