18 May 2015

Connectivity for Smart Industry

This annual ERP-PLM event is intended for managers in the customer order- and stock-driven industry. This extensive exhibition of high-quality tabletop conference offers an inspiring and informative day.

This event stands for:

  • All about ERP, PDM / PLM, BI, CRM, PCF, SCF, planning software, inventory management, MES, CAD, CAM, etc.
  • Congress with various lectures, interactive workshops and roundtable sessions with catchy statements
  • Extensive exhibition of 50 specialist companies
  • Compact & effective
  • Product Independent
  • For managers, by managers



Meeting Quality System Compliance with Electronic Processes


We invite you to attent this interesting presentation by Gregg Mitchell from Omnify Software:


Are quality system regulations or the simple inefficiencies of managing quality processes with spreadsheets, emails and faxes making your company think hard about adopting an electronic system? Organizations that are highly focused on manufacturing or engineering or are leveraging contract manufacturers and suppliers and want visibility into upstream operations, may want to consider a PLM-based quality management system. Without an electronic system, it is very difficult and time-consuming to ensure your  procedures are being followed or that everyone has to most up-to-date and accurate information. PLM-based quality management systems provide a holistic view of product and quality data, supporting your ability to become and remain regulatory compliant, while making it that much easier to prove it to potential clients or regulatory agencies.

The presentation from Gregg starts from 13:50 - 14.15 hr and will be held in: Dexter 15 (Room 5)





Connectivity for Smart Industry




Congrescentrum 1931

Oude Engelenseweg 1

5222 AA 's-Hertogenbosch


1st of December 2015



From 10:00 till 17:00