16 January 2024


Calibre nmDRC Recon: Simplifying your Early-Stage SoC Verification




Join us for this live webinar as we jump into SoC Verification with both feet – from setup, to enhancement of your verification flow.





As technology has evolved rapidly, the number of checks has increased in complexity and count. As a result, it has become a real challenge to close on signoff deadlines, with design verification performed only after a block's completion.


It is now a common practice that SoC integration and verification start while the building blocks of SoC are still in the early phases of design. As a result, running the signoff DRC flow would seem unproductive, with the extra work required to isolate unneeded checks or waive millions of irrelevant violations.


Calibre nmDRC Recon provides an automated solution to capture and analyze the systematic violations that are common at this design stage—and mitigate the impact of incomplete blocks.


In this webinar, we will explore how to setup and run Calibre nmDRC Recon mode—and use it to improve the SoC verification flow.


What You Will Learn 

  • What is nmDRC Recon mode and the benefits it provides
  • How to setup and run a nmDRC Recon job
  • Options for controlling the nmDRC Recon run

Who Should Attend

  •  Mask designers, design engineers and layout verification engineers who work with Calibre tools; SoC integration engineers and CAD engineers who provide design and verification support.


Products Featured 

  • Calibre nmDRC Recon
  • Calibre Interactive
  • Calibre RVE





Customer Technical Webcast: Calibre nmDRC Recon: Simplifying your Early-Stage SoC Verification



Tuesday, January 16th, 2024




18:00 hr CET