26 January 2018

Control of Noise, EMI & SI seminar

Knowing how to design circuit boards to contain and control energy (fields) and knowing how to mitigate and control the effects of high speed devices is the key to successful design of low noise circuits. This 2 day seminar with signal integrity guru, Richard Hartley, is a crisp focus of the issues PCB designers and engineers need to know to prevent problems with noise, EMI & signal integrity. Moreover, you will learn how to deal with crosstalk and grounding problems in high speed digital and mixed signal designs.


About instructor Richard Hartley, Noise, EMI & signal integrity expert

Rick Hartley is the Principal of RHartley Enterprises through which he consults and teaches internationally. Rick’s focus is on correct design of PC boards to prevent & solve noise, EMI and signal integrity problems. He has consulted with major corporations in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, England, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Spain and the US.


His design career has focused on circuits and PC boards for computers, aircraft avionics, telecommunications and the automotive industry. Rick has a degree in engineering from Ohio Technical Institute and 50 years of experience in electronics. He has dedicated the past 38 years to PC board and circuit development with emphasis on control of noise, in both Digital and RF circuits.



He is a past member of the Editorial Review Board of Printed Circuit Design Magazine and has written many technical papers on methods to control EMI and signal integrity. He is currently on the IPC Designers Council Executive Board, is a past president of the Greater Ohio IPC DC Chapter and is a past international chairman of the IPC Designers Council.



The agenda for this two Days seminar can be found here.




2 days Seminar: Control of Noise, EMI & SI



8th - 9th of May 2018



First Hotel Grand, Odense, Denmark



Seminar: € 1.000 per person

Seminar including One Night: € 1.150 per person

Seminar including Two Nights: € 1.300 per person