25 January 2019


Creating a Reliability Physics-Focused Organization


Traditional organizations typically engage with reliability at the end of the product development process. This is because traditional reliability has been defined by testing and after-the-fact reliability prediction. However, companies that care about time to market and are aligned with industry-best practices are increasingly incorporating elements of assessment and prediction early in the design process. In this webinar, Dr. Craig Hillman will introduce a blueprint on how to structure your organization to introduce reliability physics into each stage of the product development process to accelerate time to market and ensure reliability.


Key Takeaways:

  • Optimal Team Composition (do you have the necessary resources?)
  • Education and Awareness (ensuring buy-in and alignment)
  • Updating Road Maps (establishing activities and gating functions)
  • Continuous Improvement (capturing feedback and ROI)




Web Seminar: Creating a Reliability Physics-Focused Organization



Thursday the 31th of January 2019






11:00 AM EST