12 October 2020




The D&E event 2020 will take place digitally on 17, 18 and 19 November. The event can be followed via the live broadcasts. Would you like to pay a digital visit to this event? This annual event allows developers and applicants of embedded systems to enrich their knowledge and share the latest technologies and visions with peers.



The program of these 3 days can be found here.

We invite you to attend our presentation about how to overcome the challenges of technical product design, presented by Rick Stroot - InnoFour, Wednesday the 18th of November at 13.45 hr.


Overcome the challenges of technical product design - Rick Stroot

If companies do not address the challenges they face today and adapt their product development processes and especially early on in the requirement analysis and bid preparation process, it will affect their bottom line. In this session we will present and demonstrate how we can help to overcome these challenges by offering solutions that automatically dissolve boundaries for ideation realization and utilization but also mechanical, software, and electrical components.



We also want to invite you for the intesting presentation by Patrick Fokke, Managing Director Siemens Benelux about Digital Transformation – Opportunities and Threats

Digital Transformation – Opportunities and Threats - Patrick Fokke

The manufacturing industry continues to evolve. A digital transition is underway that concerns the construction and development of products as well as the associated processes. This results in a Smart Industry. Siemens has conducted a benchmark on this theme and in this presentation I share the main results.




Digital Event: Design Automation & Embedded Systems



Tuesday 17 November, Wednesday 18 November, Thursday 19 November






10:00 hr - 15:00 hr CEST