08 July 2019



The Design Automation & Embedded Systems Event takes place on the 8th of October at Van der Valk, Eidnhoven. This annual event allows developers and applicants of embedded systems to enrich their knowledge and share the latest technologies and visions with peers.


There is focus in the conference program and at the trading area to specific themes:

  • Internet of Things
  • Electronic Design /Production
  • Embedded design challenges


Exhibitors inform visitors about possible improvements in the field of hardware, software and testing.



We invite you to attend our presentation about FPGA-on-Board Design Flow, presented by Bas Hassink - InnoFour, at 12.00 hr.


Speed-up Your FPGA-on-Board Design Flow

With the complexity of FPGA’s now approaching that of ASICs and SoCs, designers must consider more advanced FPGA implementation flows.




We will demonstrate the key steps of the FPGA-PCB co-design process, highlighting the value at each stage. Equally applicable to FPGA/HDL Designers, Librarians, Systems Engineers and PCB Layout Designers, we show how we accelerate the FPGA to PCB integration task.




Design Automation & Embedded Systems



Tuesday the 8th of October 2019


Van der Valk Hotel Eindhoven

Aalsterweg 322



09.30 - 16.30 hr CEST