25 January 2024


Designer Panel for Integrated Flow




Do you have unanswered questions? Please join Global Customer Support and Success personnel for a panel discussion on a review of some of the Designer schematic processes.





The Designer processes discussed will be focused on the integrated flow. We will have some of our senior customer support engineers on hand to answer your technical questions.

We encourage you to submit your questions in advance during registration. 


Example topics for discussion:


  • Cross Referencing: What is Cross Referencing? What is required? What features does this add to the schematic? 
  • Packager: We all need to know Packager! When to use it. What are the options? What’s happening under the hood? 
  • Verify: Why use Verify? How often should I verify my schematic? 
  • Part Lister: How to format the output. What is available to be output?  
  • Automation: What is automation? Are there any delivered scripts? How to run these scripts. 





Customer Technical Webcast: Designer Panel for Integrated Flow



Thursday, January 25th, 2024




18:00 hr CET