23 June 2021

EDM Design: Creating and Using Configuration Rules



EDM Design Cockpit provides an environment for managing and vaulting the schematic and layout data associated with your designs. Customers sometimes want EDM Design to include additional files and folders in the vault. In EDM Design Cockpit, Configuration Rules can be used to customize the check-in behavior. Using configuration Rules you can check additional files and folders into the vault.

This Webcast will discuss Configuration Rules including terminology, requirements and limitations. The presentation will describe and demonstrate the steps for making and running a configuration rule. We will also provide tips for troubleshooting Configuration Rules.


What you will learn:
- What configuration rules are
- When you would use a configuration rule
- How to create and/or edit configuration rules
- Tips on debugging configuration rules


Who should attend:
- EDM Administrators
- Project Managers
- Engineering Managers
- Schematic & PCB Designers 



Customer Only Live webinar: EDM Design: Creating and Using Configuration Rules


Wednesday the 23rd of June 2021




6:00 PM CEST