18 May 2022

Expert Series: EDM Server: Diagnostics usage Overview & Tips


The Diagnostics Portal (aka Diagnostics Dashboard) is a powerful monitoring tool for EDM Administrators, yet too few know how to use it and/or how to interpret the information offered.  The Diagnostics Portal offers a graphical representation of many statuses offered via Util Console command-line, as well as the ability to enable/disable logging and monitoring/terminating connections.


What You Will Learn:

  • Terminology: EDM-related Pages’ Proper Names
  • Introduce: EDM Server’s Diagnostics via Server Cockpit
  • Illustrate: Diagnostics Dashboard Tabs & Widgets
  • Throughout: Tips to Utilize the Diagnostics Pages Efficiently
  • Review: Highlight Each Diagnostics Tab, Widget & Equivalent Util Console Commands
  • Customer Q&A: Answering as Many Questions Live, But Answering ALL Questions in the Follow-Up KBA

Products Covered:

  • Xpedition EDM



Customer Only Live webinar: EDM Server: Diagnostics Usage Overview & Tips


Wednesday the 18th of May 2022




18:00 CEST