07 March 2016

Electronics Cooling Seminar

Come and learn about electronics cooling in the PCB environment. In connection with DNUs arrangements in Kongsberg, we want to invite to a half-day seminar for Electronics Cooling with FloTHERM XT.




Date: 20th of April 2016
Location: Quality Hotel Grand Kongsberg
Time: 09.00 -12.00
Whom: FloTHERM XT works with any PCB layout tool
Cost: Free


Today everyone adds more functionality and more components to smaller and smaller PCB's. Many run into thermal challenges as a result. How do you solve it? Change casing, add a fan or heatsink? Or perhaps alter copper shapes on the board to distribute the heat better.


Come and take part in and learn how you can master the challenges of heat.


Agenda FloTHERM XT Software Fundamentals Seminar

09:00   Welcome and Introduction
09:15   Workflow to setup a simulation with FloTHERM XT (part1)
  • Import PCB layout
  • Setup project parameters
  • Apply flow boundary conditions
  • Application of heat sources
  • Mesh model and solve
10:15   Coffee Break
10:30   Workflow to setup a simulation with FloTHERM XT (part 2)
  • Post-process and visualize results
  • Transient Analysis
  • Custom materials definition
  • Definition of convection and radiation parameters
  • Configuration management and batch running capabilities
11:45   Questions and Answers
12:00   Summary & Close



Looking forward to see you on the 20th of April!