16 September 2020

Experience our Cutting-Edge Technology

CAM350 Webinar

Haven't seen CAM350/DFMStream in a while? Now is the perfect time to re-evaluate this software solution. With the revolutionary changes in Release 14 you'll experience:

  • 3D visualization and documentation of manufacturing data
  • Completely new and streamlined user interface for CAM350/DFMStream
  • Improved management and execution of all DFM analysis functions
  • Seamless sharing of data among all DownStream products with our common database
  • Support for 64 bit, as well as so much more


We created a truly integrated 2D/3D environment for improved PCB post processing. CAM350/DFMStream is designed to analyze, verify, and optimize a PCB design for successful fabrication.


Best scenarios require a predictable and error-free transition from design to manufacturing. Discovering design errors during the manufacturing cycle leads to production delays and unexpected costs. When analyzing for potential errors before committing a design to fabrication there is more time and options to address errors properly.


At this webinar you will learn how DFMStream provides powerful DFM capabilities in an easy-to- use environment, saving you valuable time and resources, while reducing manufacturing delays.




Live webinar: Experience our Cutting-Edge Technology



Tuesday the 22nd of September 2020






2:00 PM - 3:00 PM CEST