07 March 2017

FloTHERM XT V3.0 - What's New

Web Seminar



This event will present a number of new features that have been introduced into FloTHERM XT V3.0. These enhancements include new key functionality, improved design scenario creation and developments with the transfer of design data from electrical layout tools. User feedback has also been important with a number of user suggestions added to the software.


What You Will Learn

What’s new in FloTHERM XT V3.0


  • Ability to model spinning geometry
  • Design of Experiments and Response Surface Modeling
  • Usability enhancements
  • Explicit copper representation under components to accurately model heat dispersal


Who Should Attend

  • Any users of the current versions of the software
  • Thermal Engineers interested in the latest features




Thursday the 9th of March 2017



12.00 PM - 12.45 PM