24 March 2022

Global Polarion Virtual Users Group Meeting


You're invited to the Global Polarion Users Group Virtual Meeting, which takes place Thursday the 24th of March 2022.


Please find beneath the agenda of this meeting:


  • Shell - Engergy - User Presentation
    • How Polarion is helping Shell global projects to improve visibility, traceability and verification of engineering design and procurement requirements to deliver more competitive projects.
    • Steffan Wiersing CEng - Senior Systems Engineer
  • Siemens  - Use Case: Software Security
    • Recent software threats and vulnerabilitis, like Log4j, is forcing companies to scrutinize software code to ensure their projects are free from vulnerabilities, secure, and delivered on time.
    • Kevin Sweeny - Presales Technical Consultant
  • BogWarner - Automotive - User Presentation
    • BogWarner has compelling use cases where Polarion has added value to their business
    • Alex Kazarian - Systems Engineering - Requirements Engineering Supervisor





Virtual webinar: Global Polarion Virtual Users Group Meeting



Thursday the 24th of March 2022






03:00 PM CEST