30 November 2021


To reduce range anxiety, optimizing energy management of electric vehicles (EVs) is crucial. Under extreme temperature conditions, managing thermal comfort in the cabin is one of the biggest energy consumers. Does this mean that passenger comfort must be sacrificed for the sake of autonomy? What options are available to engineers to balance this critical challenge? From early-stage up to calibration, how could you predict the passenger thermal comfort and minimize its impact on the global energy flow?


The missing link in your EV cabin thermal management strategy

There are two modeling strategies in predicting the thermal system performance. System simulation can perform system architecture sizing and evaluate the design at the stage of integration. In contrast, computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation offers a very detailed analysis at the component level. In a siloed approach, either simulation allows you to evaluate various levels of fidelity of your system. However, using both simulations in parallel can accelerate and further secure your design process.

To introduce the missing link that combines the best of both worlds, join us in this webinar with Fred Ross and Thomas Desbarats. You will learn how using simulation with a continuous 1D – CFD approach in a structured and intuitive workflow can optimize your electric vehicle cabin thermal management strategy.




Live Webinar: How to optimize your thermal management strategy for EV cabin comfort



Tuesday the 30th of November 2021