01 February 2018


How to Shock and Waterproof Your Design


With the explosion in IoT, Wearables, and Automotive Technology, it has never been more important for engineers to know how to design and manufacture enclosures and housing that can protect delicate electronics. In this critical presentation, the DfR team will provide an initial walk through of the key elements to robust design (the full presentation will be at our 2018 Design for Reliability Conference in March!).


These include:

  • Developing the use case for common applications (what are you designing to?)
  • Understanding industry standards and specifications (don’t reinvent the wheel)
  • Rules of thumb before starting your design (do’s and don’ts)
  • Selecting the right housing materials (Metal? Polymer? Other?)
  • Identifying the solution strategy (O-rings? Welds? Coatings? Dampeners?)


Through the knowledge gained in this presentation, design teams will be able to accelerate product development, ensure first-pass success, and keep warranty costs low (like, really low).





How to Shock and Waterproof Your Design



Thursday the 15th of February 2018