10 July 2017

Integrating Physics of Failure into Complex Systems

Ensuring that a product will perform and function as promised is the key to any manufacturer’s success in the marketplace. As systems become more complex and intricately designed, and as manufacturers rush to be first-to-market, the challenge of performing accurate and timely reliability testing increases, as was demonstrated in recent newsworthy technology failures.


Using Physics of Failure (PoF) techniques, you can evaluate the impact of environmental stresses to determine failure mechanisms and predict what a product’s lifespan will be under actual operating conditions. Environmental factors can include thermal fluctuations, electrical surges, chemical interactions, moisture, vibration, shock and mechanical stresses. Rather than only testing after a design is complete, PoF test plans are executed during the design phase and throughout the product lifecycle. This results in fewer “back to the drawing board” redesigns, saving time and considerable cost.


In this webinar you will hear from Michael Howard—Vice President of Operations at DfR Solutions. His unique combination of engineering, program management, leadership, technical and instructional skills developed over the last 25 years will provide for an engaging presentation. Joining him will be colleague, Ed Dodd—Vice President of Business Development. Dodd has substantial technical knowledge in electronics reliability and experience with industrial supply chain interactions. Their presentation, “Integrating Physics of Failure into Complex Systems,” will arm attendees with practical knowledge on how to implement time- and cost-saving PoF techniques into their own operations.



Integrating Physics of Failure into Complex Systems


Thursday July 20, 2017





11 am EDT or 2 pm EDT