19 August 2011

Live Webcast: Better PCB Analog Design at the Push of a Button

Ensure faster time to market for your Analog PCBs and improved product quality with SPICE Simulation using HyperLynx Analog and PADS.



HyperLynx Analog is a simple to use, tightly integrated, full-featured SPICE simulation software with tens of thousands of available models and a proven Waveform Analysis package unequaled in the industry. HyperLynx Analog allows PCB Analog Engineers to quickly and reliably analyze a design before committing (and spending money), so that your design works right the FIRST time!


Included in the new PADS ES Suite, HyperLynx Analog is also available as an add-on to all DxDesigner customers.


You will learn

  • How easy it is to run SPICE simulations with HyperLynx Analog
  • How to analyze the SPICE output from your circuit
  • How to import a SPICE model from the web into your design
  • How to perform Monte Carlo and worst case analysis

Who Should Attend

  • Anyone currently using SPICE-like simulator for PCB design, such as: PSpice, SmartSpice, MultiSim (Electronics Workbench), HSPICE, ICAP/4, SIMetrix/SIMPLIS etc.
  • Analog Design Engineers Anyone interested in improving their product development time to market
  • Electrical engineers responsible for the entire PCB design process


  • What: Better PCB Analog Design at the Push of a Button
  • When: Thursday 17th of November 2011
  • Where: Online
  • Time: 16:00 PM CET
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Registration: Web