06 June 2010

Live Webcast: Maximize Engineering Value by Automating PCB Documentation

The more detailed and comprehensive your PCB documentation is, the better chance your PCB boards will be manufactured and assembled correctly. With BluePrint-PCB® you can take control of the process by automating it while enhancing the detail, accuracy, and instructions included on it, as well as create a complete release package that can be distributed amongst all stakeholders.


This webinar is designed to show you how BluePrint works, where it will save you time, and how it will increase the effectiveness of your PCB documentation and processes.



  • Use PCB intelligence to create common drawing elements
  • Create live and interactive documentation with hyperlinks and multi-media
  • Create and use templates to quickly populate a documentation set
  • Create comprehensive PCB Fabrication Drawings
  • Store all information associated with the PCB assembly in one electronic "release package"
  • Manage and implement engineering changes (ECOs) instantly
  • Allow viewing of documents without the application - via the web, PDF, or a free viewed

With BluePrint, you can create an electronic PCB release package that is more complete than what is being created today. BluePrint also supports the integration of digital multi-media content such as JPEGs, audio files, and even video to better communicate the often-complex instructions needed to fabricate and assemble a PCB.


In addition, BluePrint's hyper-linking capability allows the creation of links between different document elements, external files, URLs and email addresses. With BluePrint, all the data is logically, simply displayed - PCB documentation is live, interactive, and much more informative.


BluePrint-PCB is packed with unique features and functionality to ease your PCB documentation creation, revision, and distribution - discover how on June 8 at 20:00PM CEST!



  • What: CAM350 Streams Rule Checking Analysis and Demonstration
  • When: Tuesday 28th of June 2010
  • Where: Online
  • Time: 20:00 PM CEST
  • Duration: 1 hour