23 November 2009

Live Webcast: What's New In the Latest DxDesigner (PADS Flow and EE Flow)

Join InnoFour to find out what new functionality in the latest DxDesigner version makes you even more productive in designing your electronic products. DxDesigner is the front-end design environment that is included in the Mentor Graphics PADS and Expedition Enterprise flows.


The core of this new enhanced environment is a very powerful schematic capture tool allowing you to capture your design via schematics or spreadsheet based entry. Surrounding this core are many add-ins that enable integration of component management and selection, functional simulation, high speed analysis, PCB Layout, cross-probing and ECO management, Analog simulation, FPGA interconnect, and many more. This is all built upon a powerful client-server data-structure allowing designers to concurrently work on their designs from disperse locations.


Please join us on:


•January 21st, Thursday, 4:00PM

•Registration: web