26 September 2013

Tired of product overviews? Dig deeper into PADS!

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Mentor Graphics has produced a webinar series focused on key areas in wich you can benefit from by using PADS. In this webinar series you'll get an in-depth look at PADS physical design reuse, layout and routing, constraint management, and more. Learn about the capabilities that can really help you increase product quality and decrease product costs.



The dates and titles are:

  • Oct 3rd - Improve Product Quality and Designer Productivity with Design Reuse in PADS
  • Oct 24th – Start Smarter with Powerful Layout and Routing in PADS
  • Nov 14th – Overcome Challenges of your Highly Constrained PCB Design
  • Dec 5th – Start Smarter with Analysis Tools for Desktop PCB Design


Start Smarter with Analysis Tools for Desktop PCB Design

Date : 5th of December 2013

Time : 15.00 - 16.00 hr


With development schedules shrinking and designs becoming more complex, PCB engineers and designers are using virtual prototyping to save time and prevent costly mistakes.

Attend this webinar to learn how PADS Analysis tools can identify critical areas of your circuitry through design simulation. We will examine how to analyze and quickly achieve signal and power integrity, and highlight key reasons why PADS is your best choice for desktop simulation and verification.



Who Should Attend

  • Electrical engineers
  • PCB designers
  • CAD managers 


What You Will Learn

  • The five types of analysis you should run before manufacturing
  • Smart ways to simulate and verify your design
  • How virtual prototyping can save time and money