11 July 2013

Stop Wasting Time Reviewing Your PCB Designs

Are you tired of spending hours and days reviewing circuit board designs for the same things? Is it cumbersome making sure that all your colleagues were looking for the same things? Would you like to eliminate bottlenecks caused by reviews from certain specialist groups?


In this webinar, we will discuss how HyperLynx DRC (Design Rule Checks) can help you achieve automated, repeatable design reviews that are uniform across your organization. HyperLynx DRC is an advanced design rule checking tool that is fully customizable. It includes built-in checks for Electromagnetic Interference (EMI), Signal Integrity, and Power Integrity issues. It can check for complicated issues such as reference plane changes, nets crossing gaps, and even impedance. And it can be programmed to look for almost anything on your board design. HyperLynx DRC can help dramatically reduce the time you spend reviewing PCB designs.



What You Will Learn

  • How to reduce PCB review times from days to minutes
  • How to address common issues that are difficult to simulate, like EMI

  • How to capture design expertise in programmable Design Rule Checks (DRCs)
  • How to produce better quality circuit boards in less time


Who Should View

  • Engineers
  • PCB Designers
  • Anyone who spends more than 5 minutes reviewing their board designs
  • Anyone looking for automated, global, repeatable design reviews



What: Stop Wasting Time Reviewing Your PCB Designs

When: Thursday 22th of August 2013

Where: Online

Time: 16:00 PM CET

Duration: 1 hour

Registration: Web