14 January 2015

Mentor Automotive Forum in Sweden

Mentor Automotive Forum is an event to help engineers and technical managers designing automotive E/E systems.


The event in Gothenburg is especially targeted at OEMs and suppliers in the Swedish Automotive industry and will provide local managers and engineers an excellent network opportunity.  


Modern cars are undeniably sophisticated and complex engineering products. Upfront engineering design is a key, controlling factor to commercial success.


Get it right and if down-stream functions such as manufacturing, sales and servicing also perform well, then the product can succeed. Get it wrong and the rest is irrelevant.


The electrical and electronic systems can represent up to 40% of the total cost of a car and are a major contributor of differentiated selling features whilst at the same time providing essential sub-systems for drive, efficiency and safety. Such platforms are complex to design. They are composed of multiple systems and design domains and need to be designed concurrently with a Connected Engineering™ approach. “Getting it right” is the basic requirement. “Getting it right and optimized” is the real goal.


What You Will Learn

The forum will debate the hurdles which teams experience moving “down and back up” the V-model diagram across multiple domains. Interactions between the electrical, network, ECU and software domains, tracking requirements and managing change will be explored as the day develops.


Who Should Attend

Managers, engineers, designers involved in:


  • EE systems design
  • Wire harness engineering
  • Network design and integration
  • Thermal Analysis


Date: Wednesday the 21st of January
Where: Aktiviteten Gothenburg
Time: 9:30 AM to 4:45 PM

Register today and be part of our vibrant community!



08:45   Registration
09:30   Keynote: Connected Engineering
10:15   Variant Rich Network Communication Design as the Next Industry Challenge
11:00    Morning Break
11:30   How to early build and validate your functional design on a real AUTOSAR based ECU (with no need of HW test benches)
12:15   Lunch
13:15    Moving Vehicle Communication Backbone to Ethernet
14:00   IGBT Power Cycling and Failure mode tracking
14:45   Coffee Break
15:15   Managing Complex Design Changes Across the Flow
16:00   Capital Publisher
16:45   Closing