09 April 2020

ModelSim Essentials++

If you are working from home at the moment, we start a new webinar series on the exciting world of HDL simulation and verification, developed for you and your engineering brain!


Do you know how to compile your whole VHDL code without knowing the order of the files? Do you know how to check the performance bottlenecks in your code?


In this first session, we will show you selected ModelSim features and tricks, which you very likely do not know or have not used yet

Bonus material: Do you know our On-Demand Training library?

We will show you how to access hundreds of hours of training videos and online labs where you can enhance your design and verification skills

This live presentation has a limited seat number. After your registration, we will inform you if your seat is booked.


Who Should Attend

  • Verification engineers and managers
  • FPGA Design and Verification Engineers




Web Seminar: ModelSim Essentials++



Wednesday the 15th of April






2:00 PM - 3:00 PM CET