23 August 2019

Overcoming Operational Challenges with Fluid Systems Simulation

In this web seminar we will go through some of the operational challenges commonly encountered across energy, utility, process and marine industries. We will look in particular at pumping systems application which are common to these industries. Such systems are often designed to operate at high efficiencies for standard operating scenarios. However, it is very likely the operating scenarios in reality would deviate significantly from the standard scenario during the life-cycle of the system until it is decommissioned. System start-up/shut-down for planned or unplanned downtime, capacity adjustments, retrofitting existing facilities and dynamic load cycles present some significant challenges that can lead to high costs if left unchecked. Simcenter Flomaster provides a robust solution that can help address some of these challenges. During this presentation, we will also look into some of the strategies that can be used to effectively overcome these challenges.


What You Will Learn

  • How digital twin models of thermofluids systems in Simcenter Flomaster can be used to quickly set up what-if scenarios to adapt an in-place design to new requirements
  • We will gradually build on the complexity of challenges
  • How Simcenter Flomaster makes it possible to overcome these challenges


Who Should Attend

  • Simcenter Flomaster Users
  • System Designers
  • Engineers
  • Engineering Managers

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Web Seminar: Overcoming Operational Challenges with Fluid Systems Simulation



Thursday the 29th of August, 2019






12:00 PM EST